Attitude Aviation is an exceptional Aircraft Service Provider

 Our services are for aircraft owners wanting the best in Aircraft Storage, Management, Care and Security. Attitude maintains a premium commercial presence on the Livermore Airport for the access, convenience and prestige of its clients. In addition, Attitude offers the personal touches our special clients want and deserve.

What We Offer

Aircraft Management

Whether you’re on a hangar wait list or just like the idea of driving to the airport and having your aircraft pulled, fueled and ready to preflight when you arrive, Attitude can provide a safe haven for your aircraft on a monthly or yearly basis.


Attitude has a full maintenance facility for general aviation aircraft. We can handle anything from an oil change to annual inspections. You don’t have to hangar with us to benefit from our maintenance experience, just call us for an appointment. We are here Monday through Friday if you make an appointment ahead of time.

Planes For Sale

If you’re in the market to either buy or sell an aircraft consider Attitude to expedite this process. With over 50 aircraft bought and sold in the last 18 months, Attitude can find you a great deal or help you sell your existing plane.